Infrastructure Your business deserves the best.

Run your web properties on world-class infrastrucutre. Don't worry about the future, live in it.

Cloud Hosting

Seakay Co. provides unmatched web properties and powers them with best-of-breed hosting partners.

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Web Development

Let's connect your web properties to the services you need them connected to.

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Google Tag Manager

Manage all your tags without editing code. Google Tag Manager delivers easily integrated tag management.

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Conversion and Event Tracking

Make sure that you're tracking your conversion correctly, and power all your reports with this metric.

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Your business deserves world-class architecture. Improve the value of your business, invest in your web properties & infrastructure.

Infrastructure Development

$150 / hr or per Project

  • Highly Professional
  • Quality of work is unmatched
  • Lower total cost than a FTE
  • Prospect Support
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What do I get with Infrastructure Services from Seakay Co?

Cloud hosting solutions, Serverless hosting, App Containers, Docker, Kubernetes, Storage Containers, Virtual Machines, Cloud Databases, Web Development, DevOps, Google Tag Manager, Conversion Tracking, Event Tracking and more. At project cost, or by the hour.

Your Web Properties Deserve The Best

Your business is value-dependant upon the platforms that it utilizes.

The time of over-wrought and over-burdened WordPress websites being hosted by some fly-by-night web-hosting reseller that's got 46 other website running on the same server as yours, are over.

WordPress is an awesome platform for publishers or small ecommerce vendors. If you've got a blog or a lot of articles being posted by a number of different people, it's great. If your site is full of static content, you don't need WordPress.

Truthfully, WordPress is amatuer hour. Full of security holes, flaws, unscrupulous developers and shady plugins. If you have a designer or developer that insists on it, find a new one. You need a website that responds instantly, isn't simply "responsive" or based on "HTML5", your website needs to kick ass. It needs to be fresh, high design and high technology - because you're going win.

Let's talk about serverless websites in the cloud. Let's talk about storage containers and AWS, Azure and Google. Let's talk about the Google Tag Manager, Event Tracking, Analytics and how your content is served. Either you become aware, or someone else will!

Yes, Your Systems Should be Seamless

Are you tracking leads using an Excel file? Manually entering leads into a CRM or Lead Management system? Having leads emailed to you from your website? Is it still 1997 where you are? :-)

Most systems these days will offer some sort of connectivity, or an API that can be manipulated to connect the two systems. Leverage Seakay Co. to stop the chaos, and bring control to your data.

We can help you consolidate and join your systems together, ensuring an easier flow and better quality of filterable data. Break the ice, contact us!

Insist on Data

Your web properties are generating a lot of data about your business. If you're not involved in the gathering and consolidating of this data, you're losing out.

Even more, if you're allowing third-party vendors to buy web traffic for you to generate leads, and they're not providing you the data on those indivuals that are converting into leads for you, you need to demand it now.

This is your data. You paid for it. Let me give you an example. A lead vendor sells you 100 leads in a month. Let's say they have a conversion rate of 3.5%. That means 3.5% of all web sessions generated by your advertising money result in a conversion (new lead). To generate 100 leads at 3.5% conversion rate, you would require approx. 2850 sessions of web traffic.

Google Analytics is collecting hundreds of data points about every single one of these sessions. What was unique about the sessions that converted into leads for your college? How did they differ from the other 2750 sessions? You need to know.

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