GitHub Migration

Transform your DevOps with a move away from Visual Source Safe, or worse, no source control at all. At LaunchLife Inc. we successfully migrated all source code and various projects from an on-premisis Git solution to GitHub in the cloud. Simultaenously, fundamentally altering the way issues were tracked, how branching was done and how issues were closed. All of this via the elegance and protection of GitHub.

Conversion Tracking, Analytics and GTM

Launching a new Website with new Branding for the Academy of Learning was easy! The hard part was making sure it walked as well as it could talk. All analytics, conversion lead data and event tracking are controlled by the Google Tag Manager. Allowing unprecedented control over which events you'd like to track, even editing them within the GTM editor outside of your website and then publishing them to the GTM container in real-time.

Amazon Web Services Migration

Transforming your web architecture is easier than you think. At Trillium College we migrated both a VoiP system as well as all production level systems (and a few new ones) to the cloud. MIcrosoft Azure provides a robust enterprise class server in the cloud running SQL and ISS, while Azure itself allows for encrypted VPN connections between your network and theirs. Integrate cloud computers directly into your network and data stream. Ask us how! Better yet, ask us how we can offload all of your antiquated and depreceated hardware into a service based model that will let you plan cashflow more realistically.

Form Processing

We could integrate that iFrame based form from your Campus Lead Management program, and yes, it would work. But it will also screw up your analytics, your conversion counts, force you into using 'thank you' pages for counting conversions and other very out-dated methods of tracking your web traffic. Go beyond vendor forms, let us create AJAX based forms for you with beautiful controls, interactive and intuitive fields. Javascript based validation based on rules you want. Don't be satisfied with the status quo, your prospects aren't!

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