Design Bold, dynamic & modern design speaks volumes.

Web Design and Development, Advertising services, YouTube content & Motion Graphics.

Web Design

Exciting & utilizing modern web architecture - our design aesthetic stands above the rest.

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Advertising Campaigns

Create and manage campaigns in Google Adwords, Facebook Business Manager and more.

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Learn how to advertise using YouTube "Commercials".

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Motion Graphics

Take your video content to a new level of Professional.

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Propel your brand in the new economy. Use audiences, analytics, design, advertising, branding & campaigns to ensure your message is getting to the right people.

Advertising & Campaign Management Program

$1500 / mo + setup fee. Or Per Project.

  • Highly Professional
  • Quality of work is unmatched
  • Lower total cost than a FTE
  • Colloborative Landing Page and Ad Creative Creation
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Analytics & Monthly Reporting
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What do I get with Design Services from Seakay Co?

Web Design, Advertising Campaigns, YouTube Video Creation, Motion Graphics, Landing Pages, Facebook and more. Web design production for a full site is usually in the $10, 000 range, depending on complexity and size. We also do project work with video, YouTube production and so on. The Advertising Managment Program consisists of:

  • Campaign Creative - Display, Search and Video Campaigns
  • Display graphic proofs for your approval, including all available sizes and responsive ads.
  • Google Analytics and Google Ads Conversion Tracking Setup and/or confirmation.
  • Landing Page creation (program based or brand based)
  • Account managment daily, new keywords, negative keywords, bid adjustments, device bid adjustments, audience and segment creation and optimization, new ad copy creation, new ad creation, ad rotation, account optimization by; conversions, cost per conversion, clicks, impressions, CTR, view through conversions, search lost budget and search lost rank.
  • Hyper Targeted locations and postal codes around your business. Target your specific demographic for each program you offer.
  • Detailed monthly reporting on exactly what's happening in your account.

The Web Moves Fast

Are you keeping up? At one time that WordPress CMS site was the pinnacle of web technology. The web moves fast.

Speed + Style + Substance = Success. Is it that easy? In a word, no. Here's the point, you're always going to require great marketing. But, on the web, if you don't have speed, style or substance, you're never going to have success. At the very least, have one of the three!

Online chat has moved fast. We now have bots with predicitive AI and machine learing. Seakay Co. is a stong believer in integrating chat functionality directly into the sales funnel. We integrate Intercom / HubSpot / ZenDesk products for our clients.

5 years ago, chat was a gimmick online. It was poorly integrated, it was staffed by third-parties reading from scripts, the integration with lead systems was weak at best.

Today, online chat and support is what your prospects will want, three years from now they will expect it.

What if all of your Admissions Reps and support staff were directly connected to your website traffic, online and available to address questions and book appointments 24/7? How many more people can you engage? How much better can you qualify your leads?

What if your online Admissions Reps could ask to start a video session or phone call directly from the chat / CRM window and enroll the student from the initial point of interest?

What if you could treat web visitors the same way you would welcome and greet a walk-in to your place of business?

These are goals worth attaining. Is your current system really the best for you because it's tailored to your industry? Or is it holding your business back from being more agile and engaged online?

Ask us about integrating new-age CRM / Chat / Communication & Profiling systems such as HubSpot, PipeDrive, ZenDesk, AirCall, and Intercom.

Become a First-Party Advertiser

If you're going to succeed in the new economy, you have to get in the fight.

We're different and so is the new economy. We're going to work together with you on your web properties, advertisements and creative design colloboratively. Your accounts, your properties, your ads, your Intelletual Property.

We're not going to run it through our private accounts and send you leads that, lets be honest, might not even be from your campaigns. You've probably paid thousands of dollars for thousands of re-circulated leads. It has to change. We're going to show you everything about your campaigns, your design, your ads, your analytics and reporting.

We're going to build your capacity, your knowledge, your reporting, your web properties, your ad accounts and your sales funnel. Such that, even if our relationship should take a turn, you can be absolutely confident that your core marketing systems are 100% yours, under your control and you're educated about them.

There's no gimmicky "scorecards" or "checklists" or promises of finding you an additional $1,000,000 million dollars of revenue in 3 minutes, increasing your lead flow by 250% and coversion rates by 30% that you'll find from others in the space.

We utilize Trello for Project Management, keeping you on top of your project.

No, what Seakay Co. can promise is morals, hard work, data, design and performance. Let's get started!

Video Content is Now

You might have noticed an increase in videos recently. It's not going to stop. In fact, it's going to continue to grow.

Are you producing two new video pieces a week for your YouTube channel?

Are you running YouTube ads? Do you have a creative 6-second video bumper ad for mobile to jump-up your brand awareness for users targeted within your postal code? Are you running :15 or :30 spots in a re-marketing campaign for your web vistors that went further than 2 pages deep on your site and spent more than 5 minutes researching you?

Why not?

This is the power of digital marketing. Enhanced targetting and the availability of the platform to the masses. Anyone can compete, it's not a walled garden. You have to want to understand how it works. If you do, you'll want in. A great place to start is with video.

Let's Work Together! Break the ice with the form below, use the chat function or email us. Whichever you'd like, we'll get back to you asap.

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