Content Build your Community via Social Media.

Build your brand via Social Media management, community forums, brand uplift, community outreach and killer content.

Community Management

Seakay Co. provides comprehensive Community Managment for your web properties.

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Social Media

Use Social Media to support your prospects and foster a community around your brand.

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Community Support

Support your Community with contests, swag, content, videos and more.

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Killer Content

Outstanding web properties teeming with awesome content is your competitive advantage.

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Build your Community around your Brand. Control your messaging, communication and ensure compliance.

Social Media Management & Community Builder Program

$2500 / mo

  • Highly Professional
  • Quality of work is unmatched
  • Lower total cost than a FTE
  • Build your Community
  • Prospect Support
  • Killer Content
Let's work together!

What do I get with Social Media Management and Community Builder from Seakay Co?

We will create bi-weekly blogs, mass brand awareness emails, run a Hero, Hub, Help content strategy, monthly in-depth student exposes, bi-weekly YouTube videos, growth metrics and more.

  • Two blog posts per month, specific to your brand, your programs and your business.
  • At least one relevant social media post per day per platform (max 3 platforms).
  • Unique contests, promotions and swag giveways. Enhanced community interaction. Video based questions and fun.
  • Monthly mass emailings. Content of email is based on social media posts that were successful, blog posts from the month, video content from the month and a specific focus on upcoming cohorts.
  • Two new social media videos per week.
  • Two vlog YouTube videos per month (based on blog content).
  • 1 unique, new and exciting YouTube engagement video or short production every 2 months.
  • Proactively build community via availability, page maintenance, engaging content and communication.
  • Handle and respond to all prospect messages and chat sessions via social media.

Social Media Matters

Social Media fatigue, I think we've all seen it. Passing fad, let's wait around for the next one, etc.

The next objection is usually that social media doesn't tend to create new prospects or opportunities. Leads are better from other sources. Ridiculous!

The same people that click Google Ads and fill out forms on landing pages and are willing to share their personal information with you are on social media.

The best part is that it's still fertile ground, innovation is still occuring and the wealth of targetting and profiling is on-par or better than with AdWords.

What are you waiting for? Let Seakay Co. Design your next Social Media Advertising Campaign, your next SM Lead Generation camapaign via Facebook Lead Gen ads or LinkedIn LeadGen Ads.

Your Community Matters

Neglect your web properties at your peril! For a Career College, with most programs, your core demo is a 38-year-old female. Your core student 5 years from now is 33 today.

When we're building a community, we know who to target and how to bring them in to your ecosystem. We will use a combination of brand building advertisements, long-term low-cost remarketing, content geared towards your emerging client, and savvy marketing to entice your core.

Understand your client, market to your core, build your prospect funnel. Let's work together!

Your Brand Matters

If you don't have a brand, you don't have a future.

Without a strong brand you're simply another fly-by-night commodity. How do you want to be viewed?

How is your core demographic going to differentiate if you don't have a strong brand and a compelling mission?

Stand above reproach, show people who you are and what you do with a strongly branded and well designed message of Quality Education in a natural, mature setting. And if we do that, I guarantee you we can change perceptions, alter minds and win hearts!

Friends, that is how Seakay Co. can make a difference for you. Plan it, build it, believe in it.

Let's Work Together! Break the ice with the form below, use the chat function or email us. Whichever you'd like, we'll get back to you asap.

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