Academy of Learning Social Media Redesign

With an older branding scheme so totally ingrained in the network, it was always going to be difficult to create something just as strong. We were able to just that through consistency and engagment.

Blog / Brand and Community

The blog is an important content piece within the Community eco-system. Beyond simply driving more qualified web traffic to your web properties, your blog can be a source of inspiration and additional content. We can show you how to mine your blog for new video pieces and then cross market and re-utilize them to greater effect. For AOLCC the blog is key to the content life-cycle. Ask us how!

Branding Video

Engagment and branding videos like this one rally your brand loyalists and help to introduce new ones to your community. Killer content.

Feed Management

Know what you won't hear from us? "Oh, that's not our problem!" "We don't do that". Yes, we do. We'll take care of communication and ensure no one is left hanging on social media. Don't allow any channel of communication with your business to be stifled. Allow your prospects to connect and engage with your branding on whatever platform is convenient for them. Be there and be available. That's what matters.

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