AOLCC Data Deep Dive

Possessing years and years worth of SQL data within their proprietary system, ACME, we were able to take a deep dive into their data exposing a number of different insights. Particularing within the area of course activations by date, pivoting on any number of different criteria. This data was integral to understanding trends within the usage of courses by students, programs, campuses, provinces and so on.

Trillium College Real-Time Dashboard

While Trillium College possesed an exceptional in-house system for managing leads and students, what was missing was an easy to maintain reporting dashboard. Trillium's backend systems were SQL based, making SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) a natural choice. Hosted in the cloud on the Azure platform, SSRS provides Trillium with real-time analytics drawn directly from their backend SQL databases. As their systems update, so to does the dashboard.

Albion College Dataset

Using birthdates and genders of students within the system, pivoted against course activations over time, we were able to help ALbion College from the AOLCC network understand their core demographic.

Real-Time Dashboard

Your data, at your finger tips.

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