Seakay Co. is a digital marketing services company based in Ontario, Canada.

We specialize in Higher Education digital marketing, however, our passion and method extend to all verticals.

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Engineered for Growth Seakay Co. is a modern, evidence based, marketing company.

For years within your industry, you've been sold leads. At one point, some of these leads actually converted to enrolments. Until they didn't anymore.

The founder of Seakay Co., Craig, has been directly involved in the higher education and career college world for the past 7 years as an Executive at some of the largest institutions in Canada. We know. We know about the promises, we know about the quality of the leads and we know about the skill and knowledge level of our competitors.

Things have changed within Higher Education and, frankly, the world at large. You need to adapt. The new economy demands it. Never before have we had a more savvy consumer.

Stop buying leads. Start Generating Experiences.

Start Generating your own leads from your own Ad accounts.

Start Building awesome lead generation campaigns that you control.

Start Building your brand via your web, social and advertising properties.

Start Tracking your data and ensure it's being captured correctly.

Start Building audiences you can segment, target and leverage.

Start To understand your prospect, your enrolment and your student.

Start Winning in the new economy, contact us.

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Lead Generation

Build a Community Your web, social media and advertising properties can help build a community around your brand.

We will manage your social media and allow your prospects to communciate with you on any platform. Whether it be Facebook, the web, Twitter, email. We'll open whatever channels necessary to facilitate communication. Then, we'll consolidate and centralize that information for you and show you how act on it when the data suggests it's valuable to.

We will create weekly blogs, mass brand awareness emails, run a Hero, Hub, Help content strategy, monthly in-depth articles or infographics, weekly YouTube videos, monthly branding videos, growth metrics and more.

There is no silver bullet to winning in this industry. It's not easy and it won't happen overnight.

But here's what we know...

Great content, great advertising, hard work, show-stopping design and a reliance on data decision making will create a vibrant community of brand loyalists, that will keep your business referral-fueled for years to come.

Create a community around your brand with the Community Builder Program.

Community Builder Program

Build your brand via Social Media management, community engagement, brand uplift, community outreach and killer content.

Invest in Modern Web Infrastrucutre Innovate and learn how to leverage web technology to drive your marketing.

Website Design, Architecture & Analytics

Your website is a direct reflection of your company's intrinsic value. Bold and dramatic web design needs a platform to shine and analytics to grow. Let us build your future home on the web, the right way. Power your site with Amazon AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure and capture data via Google Analytics.

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Data Visualization, Reporting and Audience Creation

Bring data science to your business. Utilize tools such as R, SQL, Python, Postal Codes, Excel, Tableau and others to scrape data, build datasets and then visualize that data into meaningful, actionable, charts, tables and pivots.

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Tag Managment & Conversion Tracking

With your beautifully executed website designed and engineered for success and your platform underneath you, now you optimize. Use the Google Tag Manager to manage your tracking tags, remarketing tags, conversion tags and more. Do A/B testing. Create and track events from your website. Use events to track conversions rather than antiquated 'thank you page' or 'submit' button tracking, both of which are prone to inflated numbers.

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Advertising Done Right Lead generation is the goal, advertising your brand, your values, your community and your design esthethics is the method.

Those are some pretty important facets of your business, and it's important to get them right. To compete in the new economy you must lead with your digital properties.

Unfortunatley, a lot of us are allowing third-parties and vendors to control our advertising, lead generation and community building. Let us help you become a first-party advertiser that can succeed in the new digital economy.

Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Partner, Bing Ads, Facebook Blueprint, LinkedIn Ads, Waze, Stripe Payments, we're professionally certified or a partner on every major platform.

Pay-Per-Click search campaigns. Display Network conversion campaigns. Remarketing campaigns. We'll design and customize your ads, tailored specifically for your brand, both search and display for maximum impact in their campaign. Then we'll optimize your delivery and targetting. In your advertising account, that you own and direct. Thereafter, you'll be generating more and better leads than you were previously, your web traffic will be up, organic and returning visitors will go up, you'll be tracking all of it with detailed reporting and as a result of being a first-party advertiser, your community will be growing too.

Let's build your next YouTube campaign with TrueView ads, or 6, 15 and 30 second bumper spots. Re-target your web users with your YouTube ads and build awareness. We use the ABCD approach for YouTube content creation. Attract, Brand, Connect and Direct.

The end result is more walkins, leads, phone calls, chat sessions, web visits, better brand recall, brand recognition and brand loyalty for your business.

Let's create a buzz around your brand with Advertising and Campaign Management. Partner with Seakay Co.

Advertising & Campaign Management

Generate Leads. Build your Funnel. Build your Brand. Build your Community. Build your Business.

Broadcast to your Community Killer content starts with Video.

Logo designs, lower thirds, compelling text and motion graphics. Step up to a new level of professional.

Referrals are the life blood of your industry, of that there's no question. However, referrals alone are not enough to sustain your business.

How are you going to generate enough leads to convert at a high enough rate to make your business successful?

Market your business and your brand. Bring it to market in the new economy using the tools, visuals and channels that engage and inform.

There's no tricks, no gimmicks, no special formula. Hardwork, great design, great content, a little help from Seakay Co., and an awesome community of brand loyalists... Let's work together.

Tell your Story on Facebook and Instagram Use tailored video to make sure your core demographic is engaged.

One of the newest and most powerful social media tools to become popular recently are stories.

Starting with Snapchat in 2013, stories have grown across platforms and are now the most popular type of digestable corporate branding pieces.

You can be a leader and innovator online. You don't have to be chasing and waiting. Let's get in the game and let Seakay Co. tell your social media story.

Social Media Managment

Nurture your brand and community with great content. How else are you going to do it?

Let's Work Together! Break the ice with the form below, use the chat function or email us. Whichever you'd like, we'll get back to you asap.

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